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Rich Largman is a business coach and professional writer. In both careers he seeks to “unleash the human spirit” by inspiring the soul to its highest calling and magnificence — that of love and infinite possibility. Rich partners with entrepreneurs, business owners and executives who wish to take their success to the next level but are stuck in the inertia of their current business practices and beliefs. For the past 10 years Rich has helped companies with revenues ranging from start-up to $50 million achieve breakthrough results and success in industries as varied as food, automotive, insurance, construction, technology, education, medical, real estate and more. Rich is a published author with credits including Science of Mind, New Jersey Municpalities, Health Foundation Journal, The Daily Record, The Observer-Tribune, Authentic Living and others. Rich grew up exploring the woods near his home on a daily basis and has been a passionate hiker for the past 20 years. He credits his connection to, and observations of, Nature for his grounding , wisdom and insights.

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