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New Hope, PA. is one of my favorite places to go once the weather gets nice. It sits on the Delaware River across from Lambertville, NJ and it has this incredibly unique, eclectic vibe. Bikers decked out in leather hang out alongside a prominent lesbian/gay community. Cool NY-style art galleries sit beside witchcraft and body piercing stores. Family ice cream shops sit across from crowded outdoor bars. The streets pulse with life, cars cruise the main road through town, and there is more artwork on people’s bodies than in its art galleries. It is a town on the fringe, accepting of everyone, and the people-watching is GREAT!


Across the river, a short ÂĽ mile walk over a bridge sits Lambertville. The vibe is very different there. It is more staid and proper. The art galleries, stores and restaurants are more upscale and tame. There are no bikers, no witchcraft stores or crazy bars, and a lot fewer tattoos and piercings walk the streets. It is, well, more “normal.”


These two towns are a perfect demonstration of what I have been hearing and reading a lot about lately . . . “culture.” I have seen it so many times in the past few weeks that I wonder if it is about to become the latest buzzword. Regardless of whether or not it becomes the next hot jargon term, culture is important to all of us.


vibe1I think most of us relate to culture more as a vibe. It is something we sense about a person, family, organization, town, university, company, restaurant . . . anything really. We sense it immediately; within seconds of experiencing it. And it subconsciously determines how we interact with whom or what we are experiencing. Do we want to hang out with that person? Do we like that family? Do we want to go to that school? Do we want to do business with, or work for, that company? Are we going to rave about that new restaurant?


We assess a vibe and like or dislike it immediately, but it takes a very conscious and concerted effort to create . . . or at least it should. Establishing a vibe is vital to your future, whether you are an individual or an organization. It will determine the type of people you attract into your life and the type of customers you have in your business. Yet, too many of us ignore it or leave it up to circumstance, letting it emerge willy-nilly rather than with intent.


What we need to realize is that every action we take, and every belief we hold, adds up to our vibe or culture. They form who we are and how we will be defined. As such, we should be very conscious about our decisions and actions, and think about how they contribute to, or detract from, whom we want to be and how we want to be known in the world.


Sadly, not enough people and companies are consciously creating their vibe or culture. As a result, events and the reactions to them, dictate who they are.


If that is occurring for you or your company, you are letting the “outside world” dictate and define who you are, rather than letting that come from your heart and spirit. And if that is the case, at some point you will most likely find yourself unhappy in your life or business and you will want to change who you have become.


If you don’t run your life, someone else will.



If you are not consciously creating how you want to be seen in the world, then someone, or something, else will do it for you. It is that simple. Do not surrender your power this way. Take time to think about how you, or your company, wants to be known. Then take the necessary actions to create that vibe.


Can’t think of anyone better who essentially posed this question to all of us. 🙂

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In his book,The Hidden Messages in Water, Dr. Masaro Emoto demonstrated that water takes on the quality of the energy that surrounds it. He demonstrated this by playing different types of music, taping words to glasses of water and analyzing water from different rivers around the world, some more polluted than others. In each case, he studied the crystals formed by the water when it froze.


crystal1To summarize his amazing findings, the crystals that formed under the influence of beautiful music such as classical, beautiful words such as love, and clean rivers were all beautiful and perfect. Those formed under the influence of discordant music such as heavy metal, hateful words such as Hitler and polluted water were broken and misshapen.


Other than being absolutely fascinating in and of itself, one might be left with the uninspired conclusion of, “So what?”


That is until you remember one important fact about the human body.

About 60% of our body weight is water. In babies it is closer to 75%. Even more intriguing is the fact that your brain and heart are 75% water. Your blood is 83% water. Given that, you must ask yourself this one important question —


“What energy is influencing your body?”


Is the energy beautiful energy that will form perfect crystals, or is it more destructive, hateful energy that will form distress and discordance in your body and life.


To take this one step further and understand the true importance of Dr. Emoto’s findings, there is something much more powerful than the external forces and energy that influence our body. That something are the internal forces and energy – our thoughts and beliefs.


These internal forces are far more powerful and potentially destructive than any external ones, for they are the non-stop messages we tell ourselves. Hopefully those messages are empowering ones, but all too often they are not. Too often they are the echos of “I’m not good enough,” “I’m too fat,” “I can’t . . .” “I’ll never . . .” “It’s impossible . . .” “Why bother . . .” Etc.


This line of thinking creates more discordance, distress and harm in our lives than any external force ever could. As such, it is important to become aware of our thoughts and be mindful of the energy we are sending to the rest of our body. As the saying goes, “Your thoughts become your reality.”


Given that, one of the most important practices you can engage in is ensuring your thoughts and beliefs are empowering ones that contribute to your life and well-being


If you are what you eat, you are also what you see and hear.


– E.A. Bucchianeri


To think that we are not influenced by everything that goes on around us would be incredibly naive. The news we watch, the music we listen to, the food we eat, the friends we keep, the customers we do business with, the thoughts we think ALL influence us and have a tremendous impact on our lives.


There are two simple actions you can take to ensure this bombardment is positive –

1. Become aware of what influences you.
2. Choose what you wish to let in to your life.


To experience a beautiful visual depiction of Dr. Emoto’s experiments, take a moment to watch the short video below.

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