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I recently had coffee with a client I worked with 3 years ago. As soon as he walked through the door, his energy lit up the cafe. His soul was vibrant, his smile joyful and his being radiant.


This was a dramatically different man than the one I worked with 3 years ago.

2009 was not a good a year for him . . . or much of the rest of the world for that matter. It was the beginning of the economic slide into uncertainty and fear. In his case, his revenues tanked dramatically, he laid off 60% of his employees and he sacrificed 75% of his personal income to ensure the survival of his business. In short, he was being tested like never before.

That man, however, the one that stood on the edge of the cliff 3 years ago fearful of the dark abyss that lay before him, was nowhere to be found. Now, he simply glowed full of life.

I asked him what happened. What had him survive the darkness of the abyss? His answer was simple: Faith.

Faith isn’t about religion as many mistakenly think. Faith is belief. Belief in ourselves, our friends, our coworkers, the world around us, tomorrow, something bigger than us . . . whatever.

It’s funny how faith works. We all have it within us. It quietly sits in the seat of our soul, like a secret super power waiting to be engaged. Unfortunately, many of us only find faith when the red emergency light is flashing and we are forced to dig deep and prove to ourselves that we can do something that seems impossible. Sometimes we just need to travel through the scary abyss so that it is dark enough to see the light of faith that glows within us.

If you are standing on that cliff and are staring into that dark abyss, keep one thing in mind: There is a 100% chance of sunrise tomorrow. If nothing else, start your faith there, and know that with every new sunrise, you get to declare a do-over and recreate your life.

How do you want your tomorrow to go?
Every morning the birds begin their song in the dark, trusting that the sun will rise.

                                                                                                  – me 

Is it a bit dark in your world lately?  Do you need to declare a do-over?
Why not start now!  Here is your very own sunrise!

Photo Credit: wallpapersup.net

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