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The Fun Factor

It is almost impossible not to smile when you see a baby smiling.  Or laugh when you hear the contagious laughter of children at play.  Their joy abounds and appears almost limitless.  They are so present to the moment they are practically lost in it, drinking it in to its fullest and living in it as if it were their job to do so.  Their lives are about engaging in play, and in doing so, they learn immense amounts of knowledge.  It is simply awesome.

Unfortunately, we adults have not carried this wisdom forward with us as we grow older.  We leave many of the child-like qualities behind with a judgment that they are not appropriate or necessary.  Sadly, that is not true.  In fact, the benefits of borrowing from the way children learn and live their lives – in play and fun – is immensely valuable to us as adults.

Studies have found that fun is a foundational element in unleashing a person’s creative powers to think differently.  It is also a critical ingredient in connecting people, improving relationships, increasing productivity, breaking down communication and personal barriers, and alleviating stress and tension.  The value and benefits of fun should not be overlooked.

A fascinating experiment was recently conducted in Stockholm on the value of play and fun.  Essentially, the conclusion was that if you make work more fun, more people are likely to engage in it and take on the hard work

If you have 2 minutes, watch this video and witness the results for yourself:


It has been a challenging year for many and the worries have been great.  I invite you all to get lost in a playful and fun moment and see the difference it makes in your life, work and business.  When we exist in such moments we get lost in the “flow”, a place where creativity abounds, answers are revealed and goals more brilliantly achieved.  

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