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We all have dreams we aspire to. But how many of us are truly ready for them to come true?


A few weeks ago a friend invited me to watch the movie Inception. The movie alone is enough to have you question your life, your dreams and what is real, but in this particular situation, the experience I had as a whole went far beyond just the plot of the movie.


I was watching the movie on a beautiful new flat screen TV and it was on a Blu-ray Disc. This was the first Blu-ray movie I have ever watched and I was having trouble adapting to the new technology. In fact, it was so astounding to me that I had trouble following the story line of the movie.


The new format didn’t have the typical movie-like quality I was used to. Instead, it felt more like something I might see on the TV news. In short, it was more real. I felt like I was a participant in the movie rather than a viewer.


And here is the challenge I found myself confronting as a result –


The picture quality looked so great that it often looked fake to me. Things seemed so real at times that I couldn’t accept them. I stumbled through the whole movie this way, questioning what I was seeing because it looked so life-like that it looked fake.


And this got me thinking. If my dreams came to life, would I believe them or would they seem so real that I would think they were fake? Could I truly welcome them, live them and celebrate them or would they appear so unreal, like the movie did to me, that I would reject them?


I think many of us believe the idea that our dreams can actually come true and that we can manifest and live them. In fact, our country – and many Disney films – were built upon this concept. But in reality, I wonder how many of us, deep down in our heart, truly don’t believe this or reject it as impossible.


One of the keys to fulfilling dreams in life is a willingness to accept the fact that they can come true and that we deserve to live that magnificent life we have imagined. Don’t let a “perceived” reality get in the way of your imagined one.


Those who are willing to suspend their reality open up the space to create their own dreams.


Do I know what’s real and what’s not in my life? Maybe. Lord knows I have seen and experienced things that defy explanation and my understanding. Oddly, that is when life appears most magical and magnificent for me. Time disappears and anything seems possible.


And perhaps that is the point. The fact that I am open and willing to question “reality” allows for my dreams to come to life and manifest.


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