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I wish I could say that what I do in my coaching is rocket science. That the phenomenal results my clients produce is a function of some incredibly sophisticated scientific formula I have created . . . but it’s not.


It’s actually quite the opposite. My clients build their success on the foundation of three simple concepts I bring to my coaching.

  1. I believe we are capable of anything we set our hearts, mind and energy to . . . and over the past 12+ years my clients have proved me right over and over again.
  2. If there is a formula, it looks something like this: awareness > consciousness > choice > responsibility. It is more of a progression than formula, but when my clients travel along this path they begin to manifest all they desire in life.
  3. Don’t complicate things. The focus may be on a goal in the future, but the action is simply the next step.

That’s it. Clearly, there is no rocket science there.

In fact, I don’t believe anything in this world is rocket science. . . except maybe for rocket science. I believe life is simple. Yet, we humans like to make our lives much more complicated than it is. It’s a bit amusing to witness the struggle we create around things that are actually much simpler.


I believe we make life challenging and create drama and struggle in our lives in order to give our lives meaning. Almost as if we are writing a story about ourselves and in order to make it more interesting and heroic, we create challenges we must struggle against and overcome.

Sure, I guess it makes for a great story . . . but it kinda sucks for your life.


Life is simpler than that.


Take a look at your life and see where you create rocket science, when only simple addition or subtraction is necessary. You’ll be shocked at how simplifying your formula, and removing the drama and struggle, will reveal the ease and joy you truly seek in life.


You are one breath at a time
– Maharishi


The formula for life could be boiled down to this simple and beautiful quote. There is tremendous power and clarity that is found in simplicity, yet many of us complicate our lives with the unwanted drama of a bad reality TV show. Even if you were getting paid millions of dollars per episode, the pain and hardship of the drama is not worth it.


Here are three quick ways to eliminate drama and simplify your life.

  • Eliminate/limit those in your life who feast on, and revel in, drama.
  • Become a drama-free zone. When people bring their drama into your life, feel free to listen, but don’t own or participate in it.
  • Address/solve the problem, not the drama we create around it.

Here’s a little fun with rocket science!

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