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Change. It is the fuel that drives us ever forward and powers our ingenuity and creativity. Bigger. Better. Faster. Different. New & Improved. Like sharks, never able to stop lest they prevent water and oxygen from passing through their gills and they die, we are constantly on the move seeking to change and improve our lives.


But often when we confront such change it can seem overwhelming. We know where we are. We can visualize where we want to be. But the path from here to there can sometimes seem like too much; like a huge, bottomless chasm that we do not know how to cross. It is in this moment that many of us are stopped in our tracks, and we never even take that first step toward the vision and dream we see for ourselves.


In moments like this, I often find that the path across that chasm is so easy that most of us look beyond it. We are intimidated by its size and depth and believe that the solution must be equally as big and complex. But the true answer is much simpler.


DV RacetrackThe answer is to just focus on the first step that needs to be taken. Only that next step, nothing more. Often, the drive to see beyond that, even one step beyond that, has us suddenly get lost, confused or intimidated. But the truth is that no matter how long or intimidating our journey might be, it can only be made one step at a time. Whatever that second step is, we can only take it after our first. It is the only way to go.


I believe my friend Kris says this most eloquently. If you have two or three minutes, click on the video and let his inspiration help you along your journey. At a minimum, I’m confident his advice will bring a smile to your face.



Photo:© Photographer: Brian Reitenauer

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