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I’ve always had a reverence for the world around me.  From the time I could crawl – well actually my Mom said I never crawled.  Rather, I pulled myself around on my stomach and apparently said “baa-baa” like a sheep.  Nonetheless, since that time, my Mom said I would point to the stars, the moon, the sun, the trees, the wind, the birds, the bugs . . . everything, and I would cry.  She thought that I was crying out of fear.
All these years later, I now know it was my love, not my fear, that I was expressing for the beauty around me. To be so blessed to live on this planet and share in its beautiful richness brought me to tears.
That love and reverence powers my soul and helped to define who I am. My connection to the world and people around me fills my heart and continually gives me the greatest gift one could receive – peace.
That gift of peace is available to anyone who chooses to seek it, connect with it and accept it. It does not discriminate. All it asks of you is your time and awareness; to be present with it in the moment in order to truly experience what it has to offer you. 

This Thursday 4/22 is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. It’s not just another Hallmark holiday. This planet is our blessed and beautiful home that gives us all life.  This year on the 22nd, pause for just a few seconds during your busy day and notice something miraculous about the world around you. The miracles are there just waiting to be discovered. And in that discovery, you might just find a gift of peace and beauty you seek.

We are not separate from all the life and beauty around us.  We are a part of it.  Too many of us don’t fully understand that point.  To see one of the most visually stunning and compelling documentaries capturing the beauty of the Earth and the fragile coexistence we have with it, watch this beautifully filmed documentary appropriately titled, “Home”.





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