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I hate the month of March.

Here in the northeast United States, March is a schizophrenic month. One moment it is sunny, the next it is gray, cloudy and snowing. The month is cold and windy most of the time, but then gives us teases of spring warmth. The ground is always wet and muddy. The grass and vegetation is mostly brown or gray or some other dull color. The trees are bare and dead leaves litter the ground along with our man-made garbage, which is easily seen. In short, it is bleak, dismal and depressing.


March is a perfect depiction of what transitions in life can look like. Just as March is our transition month from winter to spring, transitions in life or business can look equally as bleak and messy, especially if we prolong the transition process and delay whatever it is we must do next.


Basic CMYKThere is a trick to successfully navigating through transitions. The more decisively we act, the less painful and depressing they are. It is only when we are uncertain and hesitant that transitions are less than beautiful or exciting. The secret to graceful transitions is clarity – clarity in knowing where you are, clarity in knowing where you want to go, clarity in knowing what you want. Once you have defined those elements, taking decisive action is the key.


You see, the truth is that March is an amazingly beautiful month. It is filled with hope and promise. For the first time in months you can hear songbirds announcing the coming Spring. The sun, while rarely making an appearance, is noticeably warmer when it falls upon your skin or filters through your window. The days grow longer. The air begins to smell fresh as the Spring winds breathe life into it. And the green sprouts of flowers and the buds on the trees announce the life that is about to burst forth.


That is the true beauty of March and transitions. They announce a new hope and promise that is about to burst forth in your life. It is exciting, exhilarating and something that should be welcomed with open arms and hearts. All you need to do is define the desired future and act decisively.

That which must be done eventually, must be done immediately.

– Unknown


Transitions are often hard for people. Whether they are afraid of leaving what they know to be comfortable or are afraid of the unknown that lies ahead, many people tend to delay what they know they must do. More times than not, this delay just leads to greater stress in their lives or business.


In the 15 years that I have been coaching, I cannot think of one example where someone regretted the changes they made in their life. What is it that you know you must do in this moment? Don’t delay your life any longer. Do it now.

Transitions are often the result of people trying to change their lives. They move, change the color of their hair, change their clothing style, they get a new job, a new boyfriend/girlfriend. But often, all these changes do not create the desired impact. That is because these superficial changes are like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. If you want the secret to real change in your life consider the video below, and start there.

Photo credit: transitionsglobal.com

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I’ve had the good fortune to hike the tallest mountain in 5 states: California, Vermont, New York, New Jersey and South Dakota.

14,494 feet! It’s all in your altitude! 

At 14,494 feet, Mt. Whitney in California is the tallest mountain in the continental US.  From the summit of Harney Peak in South Dakota, I could see both Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monument, which is still being carved into the granite mountain face 60 years after its inception.  From the peak of Mt. Marcy in NY, known as Tahawus, The Cloud Splitter, I literally witnessed the thick clouds that blanketed the area all morning being parted to reveal the gorgeous valley below me.  All of this just moments after I said a prayer for the victims of 9/11, which occurred just days before.  It was truly mystical.

This summer I decided to add 5 more peaks to the list as I set my sights on climbing all 50 in the US.  Sounds impressive, right?  Perhaps, but don’t let the images of Mt. Everest delude you.

This past weekend I scaled the treacherous peak of Ebright Azimuth, the tallest peak in . . . Delaware.  It soared above the landscape at an astounding 448 feet and it was literally in a residential neighborhood.  There was a sidewalk, bench and beautiful garden next to the sign marking the elevation.  An elderly neighbor even came out from her house to say “hi.”

Not exactly a grueling adventure or something to recount magnificent tales about . . .   except for one thing.  The commitment.

I didn’t really have a strong desire to visit Delaware.  And it certainly didn’t require much effort.  Nonetheless, at some point Delaware’s highest “peak” needed to be visited to achieve the goal.  And sometimes, goals that appear as insurmountable mountains must begin with the molehills.

Often, success in one’s goals is not about who is the best skilled or the one with the most training or the one with the most natural talent.  Success lies in one’s commitment and the promise they make to themselves.  And sometimes, that first step toward your promise is all you need to propel yourself to the life and achievements you desire!

Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.

           –  Peter Marshall

What is it that you are called to do this summer?  Don’t overwhelm yourself by choosing the Mt. Everest of goals.  Often, the hardest part of a goal is starting and breaking the inertia.  And sometimes, the Ebright Azimuths of the world are the perfect place to start your journey to achieve your dream.

I can think of no better example of how the commitment of a nation, and taking one small step at a time, can lead to achieving a dream.

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