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I have been coaching for 12 years now, and during that time every one of my clients has achieved the goals they focused on.  Every single one.


That is not a testament to my coaching.  That is a testament to the human spirit and what is possible when we unleash the power within us and focus on our desires.


There is one important question that generates success like this and it escapes most people their whole lives — Do you know and understand your “why”?  In other words, what is it that drives you to do what you do?


This simple question is the difference between marginal living and fantastic success and satisfaction.  The more your “why” is connected to your heart and passions, the greater your commitment and success.  Without that motivation, life can appear as little more than a succession of days strung together highlighted by what might be on television or what you are going to do on your weekends.


That is not living with passion and purpose.  That is merely passing time.  And at our core, humans are not designed to simply pass time.  We are designed to make a difference in life.


Do you know your “why”?


If you don’t, or if you do but you are not aligned with your “why” and living it every day, then chances are there is some level of discontentment, unhappiness, and longing in your life.


Perhaps 2011 should be the year you discover it and let it fully blossom.


Knowing your “why” can power miracles you previously thought you were incapable of.  A wonderful example of what is possible when your life is powered by your “why” is demonstrated in the fun and inspirational movie, Saint Ralph.  You can see the trailer by clicking on the picture below.


Why not use January as an opportunity to find your “why” and not only power your success and satisfaction in 2011, but for the rest of your life?



The Universe is holding its breath, waiting for you to take your place.
                                                                                                                    – David Whyte


Each of us holds a unique gift to bring forth into the world.  Find your purpose and fulfill it.  Why not let 2011 be the year you finally give yourself, and the world, the gift we have all been waiting for – that unique “why” you hold in your heart that only you can bring forth.

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