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lightning1On a recent trip to Dallas I was very aware of how connected we have become to our electronic tools and entertainment. We have surrounded ourselves with inventions supposedly designed to make our lives easier and more simple. Cell phones, iPods, laptops, Blackberries and more weighed travelers down in the airport. What I noticed more than the electronics themselves though, was the tangle of octopus-like, power chord tentacles every traveler brought with them to ensure they could recharge their gadgets in the event they ran out of power.

This got me thinking. Given that we humans don’t need power chords, what do we do to recharge our batteries? Do we even think about it and take the time to recharge our batteries? Given the hectic nature of life today, I bet we are seriously challenged to do that. Jobs that consume more and more of our lives, providing for the needs of our kids, extended family obligations, everyday chores, hustling our children to their activities, caring for our homes . . . it’s a wonder we have time to think!

But reality is that our bodies are like machines. They require maintenance, repair, have a limited lifetime, parts wear down, get old, etc. That being the case, in order to ensure the most effective operation of the machine we must ensure that we are plugging in to recharge our batteries just as we do with our electronics. Otherwise, the machine is sure to wear down more quickly and eventually “crash”.

With that in mind, take the time to recharge your batteries. Whether it be a massage, a round of golf, a hike in the woods, visiting with friends, reading, playing with your kids, or maybe even just taking a nap. Whatever it is for you, recharging the batteries is essential for a full and happy life.

What do you do to recharge your batteries?  What unique ideas do you have for others to try?  Leave a comment and let us know!


Photo:© Photographer: Goran Stojanovic | Agency: Dreamstime.com 

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